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Will County Historical Museum and Research Center It's your heritage.

Our Current Exhibits

Vintage Hats and Accessories

Come and explore our collection of vintage men’s and women’s hats that span the 19th and 20th centuries, including a beaver top hat, as well as bow ties, shoes, and other accessories.  From March-August, view what would have been worn in spring and summer seasons.  And from September to the end of the year, view what would have been worn in the fall and winter seasons.

The Weird of Will County

Curious about what is in our archives?  Interested in seeing items you have probably never seen before?  Come down and see this exhibit to discover Will County’s unusual history that will amaze and astound.  And if you identify every item correctly, you can win a 1-year membership to the Will County Historical Museum and Research Center!

Weapons and Warfare of Will County

Discover documents and artifacts showcasing Will County’s military involvement stretching from the Blackhawk War up to WWII/Korea, as well as Native American artifacts.

Dr. Dougall’s Office

Step into the Edwardian era to see what a typical Doctor’s office would look like. Dr. Dougall was an officer in the Civil War, then went on to work for the I & M Canal, the State Penitentiary, and finally opened his own office in his home.

Fiber Arts

An original Edward Worst loom is the focal point of this exhibit. Worst was a pioneer in the arts and crafts movement, as well as an educator. This loom, in addition to spinning wheels, knitting machines, and a smaller table top loom, are on display.